Jul 042012

In the early stages, no guy wants to come right out and admit he’s blown away. Here’s how to figure it out for yourself.

Guy Spy: Three Weird Signs He's Into You

He gets secretive. Don’t panic when your new beau goes from being an open book to not sharing much at all. Strangely enough, when a suitor just wants sex, he’ll tell you everything because he intuitively knows that it will make you feel closer more quickly. But when he really likes you, he doesn’t want to appear needy, so he may stop telling you about the minutiae of his life.

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May 052012

Credit Others

If you want to be successful, don’t hog the spotlight! Sure, you should be your own PR officer, but you must also remember to acknowledge other people. John McKee, author of 21 Ways women In Management Shoot Themselves In The Foot, shares, “Losers inappropriately take full credit for positive events despite the help or input received by others, while winners give credit where credit is due. Losers inevitably reap what they sow.” and, you know you’re no loser.