Mar 302017

Tips For Fairer Skin For Babies

There are many mothers who want their babies to be fair skinned. Eventhough your baby may not be as fair skinned as you want her/his to be, there’s no need to fret since there are natural and practical ways to make your baby’s skin fair and glowing. Feeding him grape juice will make his skin soft and fair. The same goes with apples and oranges. Bathing your baby at the right temperature is important because bathing in very hot or cold water can make the skin darker and can harm baby’s delicate skin. Use lukewarm water to wash your baby’s face and body.

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Feb 162017

Jessa Duggar Introduces Her Brand New Baby

Baby Seewald #2 has arrived! Jessa Duggar has welcomed her second baby with husband Ben Seewald, and now we know his name. The little guy was born on February 6, and Jessa and Ben shared in a new TLC video on February 13 that they named him Henry Wilberforce, after “two great men”. The couple shared that Henry was named for William Wilberforce, a British politician and author who worked to abolish the slave trade. Continue reading »

Jan 112017

Budget Shopping At Apparel Candy

There are some people who prefer to shop in bulk probably because they have a business or simply because they love having a lot of stuff. If you shop by bulk, it’s a better option to purchase items wholesale. This is beneficial for businesses because they’ll have more profit since the products are bought at a lower price. People who love to shop will be able to save as well. Continue reading »