Feb 162017

Jessa Duggar Introduces Her Brand New Baby

Baby Seewald #2 has arrived! Jessa Duggar has welcomed her second baby with husband Ben Seewald, and now we know his name. The little guy was born on February 6, and Jessa and Ben shared in a new TLC video on February 13 that they named him Henry Wilberforce, after “two great men”. The couple shared that Henry was named for William Wilberforce, a British politician and author who worked to abolish the slave trade. Ben explained that Wilberforce was “a real hero” to the couple, inspiring them to name their son after him. As for Henry, the couple says that they truly enjoy the Matthew Henry’s commentary series on the Bible.

The couple’s first son was named Spurgeon, after British preacher and author Charles Spurgeon, so it looks like author names may be a popular theme for this couple. The “Counting On” stars also revealed that Jessa’s labor with Henry was much different from Spurgeon’s birth. While Jessa labored for two days with her first son, her second son came much more quickly, almost so quickly that some of her family missed it! She delivered at home for the second time, and her sister Jill, who is also expecting her second son in July, was on hand to assist with the birth. As for her mom, Michelle Duggar and oldest sister Jana, Jessa says that she was already pushing when they walked through the door! Talk about a quick birth!



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