Feb 252011

Junior-Senior Promenade, also known as JS Prom, is a formal (black tie) dance, or gathering of high school students. It can become one of the most important occasions in your high school experience — a particular night to look forward to for months beforehand.

I don’t really get the point. So what is really the purpose of having a JS Prom? According to one prom committee, JS Prom is actually a formal hand-over ceremony of the Seniors’ responsibilities with the Juniors accepting it. One part of the program is an actual turnover ceremony, wherein a Senior representative hands over a little symbolism (candle) to a Junior representative. There are also some who says JS Prom helps teens to socialize and get along with the others and it can help them also to become more confident with themselves. Something like that.

Anyway, sad to say I never experienced JS Prom. Yes, you read it right. I never experienced wearing beautiful prom dresses. I never experienced how it’s like if your part of it. Sigh. During my high school years, I studied in one of the best catholic and private school here in our place. It’s really sad that they didn’t allowed us to experience JS Prom.



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