Mar 302017

Tips For Fairer Skin For Babies

There are many mothers who want their babies to be fair skinned. Eventhough your baby may not be as fair skinned as you want her/his to be, there’s no need to fret since there are natural and practical ways to make your baby’s skin fair and glowing. Feeding him grape juice will make his skin soft and fair. The same goes with apples and oranges. Bathing your baby at the right temperature is important because bathing in very hot or cold water can make the skin darker and can harm baby’s delicate skin. Use lukewarm water to wash your baby’s face and body.

Another tip to whiten your baby’s skin tone is to give him regular hot oil massages. What it does is to add an extra layer of moisture to his delicate skin and will help in getting back the right balance of the oils in the skin cells. Using quality moisturizers is also a great way to smoothen baby skin. Put on baby moisturizer and organic baby lotion three to four times a day. Moisturizers make the skin glow as well as replaces lost nutrients. Furthermore, avoid using soap because this can lead to dry skin and skin peeling. Furthermore, only use products that contain natural ingredients.

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